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People Counting and Analytics 

People Counting Solution

People counting and video surveillance solution is intended to be used by retail companies that want to plan and effectively use their resources, ensure the safety of their customers and employees, as well as keep a precise record of customer flow. 

The equipment used only weighs 200 grams and it can be installed on a floating ceiling. The camera is designed both for counting people and video surveillance; furthermore, the wide-angle lens (360°) will ensure perfect visibility without any blind spots. 

The solution consists of one or several cameras (depending on the surveillance area), a communication device, and a cloud-based data center. An internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone are required to see the live video, recorded videos, or event reports. 

Facial Recognition

The facial recognition system allows one to identify and store a catalog of unwanted persons and provides preventive notifications if such a person enters the shop, thus focusing the attention of personnel on the further actions of the unwanted person. In the case of retail shops, for example, it is possible to store information regarding offenders in a centralized way, in order to prevent violations in other shops of the specific company before they have been committed. 

Analytics of the Number of Customers

Mobotix analytical video cameras provide a possibility to create a virtual control point for the amount of people in the areas where products are located; therefore, providing information on the most popular products and attention-attracting areas in the shop, helping to plan product placement in the shop and marketing activities. 

Thermal Sensors 

Installing Mobotix thermal sensors will allow one to identify cases of arson, melting anti-theft alarms, as well as temperature fluctuations in order to protect the products from damage in a timely manner. 

Integration With Cash-desk Systems

The solution can be connected to cash-desk systems. For example, if a customer approaches the shop administration regarding the tactless behavior of an employee, it is possible to find the particular recording of the instance using the receipt number. Using this type of solution makes controlling violations much easier for facilities that are visited by tens of thousands of people daily. 

Possibilities of the Analytical Video Surveillance Solution

  • Optimization on of working hours and personnel based on data analysis regarding the company’s load
  • Theft prevention
  • Impact assessment of marketing activities
  • Comparison of customer flow statistics (by location, working hours, etc.)
  • Several surveillance room statistics in a single report
  • Higher revenue and profitability

More Efficient Resource Planning

Optimization of working hours and personnel based on hourly, daily, or even seasonal customer visits. 

Security Risk Prevention

Facial recognition allows one to store and identify a catalog of unwanted persons and react preventively. 

Whereas thermal sensors allow one to identify temperature fluctuations that may indicate arson, melting anti-theft alarms, or changes in temperature that can have a negative effect on product quality. 

The functionality of the Analytical Video Surveillance Solution 

  • High image quality 

  • Data collection and storage in the case of network failure 

  • No blind spots (with 360° viewing angle) 

  • Possibility to perform live surveillance, record and report remotely (from your computer, tablet, or smartphone) 

  • Intelligent motion detection system saves storage space for video recordings