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One hub for managing all communication channels  

Modern technologies offer different ways of communication, but there is a lack of connection between these communication channels, so ensuring effective communication with customers becomes difficult and this affects the productivity of the company.   

Imagine that all forms of communication (voice, mobile, emails, landline, video, chats, social networks, etc…) can be seamlessly integrated into a flexible environment where it is possible to respond to all forms of communication immediately without switching platforms.   

That's what unified communications solutions of Enreach are all about. They enable effective communication and change the way people communicate, collaborate and work. By combining all communication channels, companies are able to optimise communication and contact with their customers, which helps the company to develop.   


Use one hub to communicate with customers and improve your customer experience across all communication channels with CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) cloud solution - uContact.

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OCC by Enreach

One hub for all your conversations and messages.

These features will enable your agents to be more effective on the phone – so they can sell more and service better.

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