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Digital Signature Solution

Sign on Tab is a solution to electronically sign various documents; thus – getting rid of a large amount of paper, as they are stored digitally. The risk of document loss is greatly minimized and procedures simplified by switching to the digital signature solution. 

How does it work?

  • A document is loaded into the frontend app from ERP/CRM/other ID 

  • Client reviews and signs the document using an active pen or mobile signature (Photo of personal ID taken or another document (if needed) 

  • Document is confirmed in ERP/CRM/other IS and stored in e-archive 

Main Benefits

  • Reduced costs
  • paper & printing (immediate impact)
  • logistics (immediate impact)
  • Easy and efficient document distribution to the 3rd parties (immediate impact)
  • GDPR and EIDAS compliant (legal risks mitigated)
  • Paper loss ratio reduced to ZERO (immediate impact)
  • No more hurdles with the inventory process (immediate impact)
  • Efficient document management process (immediate impact)
  • Decreased customer serving time in retail (immediate impact)
  • Elimination of physical archive costs (long-term impact)

Main features

  • Standard templates 
    Use prepared templates 

  • TABLET version 
    API based integration 

  • Print to Tab 
    Virtual printer, the document is sent to Tablet via printer 

  • Camera support 
    Add a photo to the contract (e.g. ID photo) 

  • Security 
    Capture signature biometrical data 

  • E-archive 
    Document storage 



  • Mail sender  
    You can send a copy to the customer 

  • Questionnaires 
    We do support polls and surveys 

  • Commercial mode 
    Play ads during idle time 

  • Branding 
    You can add your branding 

  • HTML mode 
    Toolkit for already existing web flows 

E-seal Option

To make the Digital Signature solution completely secure, it is possible to add an electronic time stamp - E-Seal. This confirms the document’s authenticity since it was signed and fully preserves the integrity of the data.

About Sign on Tab

  • Quick integration lead time
  • 5.000.000 pages and 1.100.000 contracts processed
  • Mobile ID, Smart ID, and E-seal supported
  • Wide range of verticals: Financial services, Telecoms, and Sports&Leisure industries
  • More than 30 developers