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Server Maintenance

Servers in business environment provide the storage and processing of various important data, such as CRM, e-mail, accounting systems, order processing, production tracking systems, etc., which is why this part of the infrastructure is critical for the success of the business. 

To efficiently use available server compute, storage and memory resources, virtualisation platforms are used, and systems are run on virtualised servers, thus simplifying their administration. 

We offer you:

  • Delivery of servers; 

  • Installation and administration of physical and virtual servers; 

  • Creating backup copies according to your specified retention policy; 

  • Server monitoring

Equipment delivery and installation 

We provide the delivery, configuration, and installation of servers of various popular manufacturers (Dell, HPE, SuperMicro, IBM) - Microsoft or Linux operating systems, and, if necessary, installation and configuration of the virtualisation platform. 

Maintenance service 

Enreach system administrators will provide regular server maintenance (both physical and software) to ensure optimal operation of the equipment. At the same time, our support specialists will monitor the performance of the equipment and provide information about atypical load indicators of the equipment or potential damage (for example, hard disk), which can be predicted based on the metric data. 

Creating backup copies 

We will take care of creating correct data backup copies on the servers according to your defined retention policy to avoid risks related to the loss of any data.