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Rent of a Virtual Server 

A safe and convenient solution for customers, which gives the opportunity to quickly and easily deploy the necessary applications/services in a modern data centre, thus avoiding unnecessary investments for the purchase/modernisation of your server infrastructure. 

Secure and convenient data storage

To provide the service, we use a modern and reserved distributed file system in order to be able to ensure the guaranteed minimum equipment availability of 99.97% 

We provide virtualisation functions by using the open source product Proxmox; 

Proxmox integrated management environment, role based administration that allows every company to access their exclusively dedicated resources; 

Possibility to add Zabbix or other monitoring agents, or entrust the monitoring of your virtual servers to our help desk; 

Ability to create automatic backups according to your chosen storage policy. All backups are stored on our equipment dedicated for this purpose; 

VMs are deployed on modern HP and Dell servers; 

We provide the possibility to install Linux and Windows operating systems; if necessary, our administrators will take care of their administration; 

Standard solutions for company needs

Email solutions

MS Exchange, Zimbra Collaboration Suite, iRedMail and other electronic mail solutions based on open source solutions; 

Authentication/authorisation solutions

MS Active Directory, (Open) LDAP. These solutions provide authorisation, password storage, security policy maintenance; 

File storage solutions

MS Windows shared file storage/Print servers and integration with authentication solutions

Creation and administration of SeaFile, NextCloud and other equivalent solutions

Server maintenance

Linux, Windows Server and network monitoring, administration; 

Server and network monitoring 

Additional options

  • Deployment of virtual machines on HDD or SSD disks
  • The option to select the desired configuration
  • Static IP addresses
  • Maintaining DNS records
  • Firewall settings exactly for your need


  • 20 GB HDD - 2 GB RAM / 1vCPU / 35 EUR / Month 
  • 100 GB HDD - 4 GB RAM / 2vCPU / 65 EUR / Month 
  • 300 GB HDD - 8 GB RAM / 4vCPU / 130 EUR / Month 

Additionally, we recommend that you consider outsourcing the creation and storage of backup copies to us.