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Data network design & construction  

Design and construction

Enreach experts carry out the design and construction of various electronic communication systems and electrical networks. From the modernisation of existing telecommunications networks to equipping of new buildings with modern technological solutions. For more than 11 years, various electrical installation and electronic communication network projects have been implemented, forming an experienced and professional team that is able to offer comprehensive solutions for the operation of the company from A to Z.  

Sale and service of Equipment

Enreach officially represents the most recognised manufacturers in the industry and maintains a competent team to guarantee the stability of the solutions offered to the customers and compliance with changing trends. Our experts will help you to choose the appropriate network hardware and create a configuration that meets the client's current and long-term requirements, as well as mitigates information security threats. The service includes change management and equipment software maintenance. 

Electronic communication systems

  • Local telecommunications and wireless networks  
    Design, construction, testing and certification of new or existing internal company networks. Network capacity planning, installation and maintenance of active equipment. The team of the company has extensive experience in planning and implementing large-scale public and private wireless internet access point networks.  

  • Security systems  
    Designing , cable assembly, equipment installation and service, integration with other electronic communication systems.  

  • Fire detection and alarm announcement systems  
    Design, construction, installation and maintenance of equipment, integration with other electronic communication systems.  

  • Construction of optical networks  
    Optical cable route design, cable laying, excavation works, network device setup.  

  • Access control system  
    Planning of object access systems (QR codes, contactless cards, etc.), creation and maintenance according to the company's needs, implementation of electronic timekeeping systems, integration with the company's accounting software.  

  • Video surveillance systems  
    Designing the video surveillance systems, construction of the wired/wireless networks, setup and support for cameras and recording systems. Sales and service of video analytics software. In cooperation with industry professionals, Enreach experts are able to find the most effective solution for the protection of the customer's property, control of order and monitoring of the operation of equipment important for the business.  

  • Electrical networks  
    Certified experts in network design and construction. We plan and carry out the internal wiring and lighting networks necessary for the functioning of buildings. Insulation resistance measurements of electrotechnical products and equipment, lighting measurements, preparation of building electronic systems for operation in accordance with the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers.