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Voice communication  

Today, various channels are used for communication - e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, WebChat, etc., but communication by phone is still considered the most effective way of communication.  

SIP Trunk

A SIP line is a service that provides incoming and outgoing voice communications to your IP telephone exchange. A SIP line can provide an unlimited number of conversation channels (simultaneous conversations) and phone numbers. The access network for providing the SIP line is the internet. The signal over the internet is transmitted using the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) protocol.  


  • IP PBX user support by phone (second level support);  
  • Remote failure diagnosis and prevention;  
  • Remote configuration change;  
  • On-site visits − to prevent damage;  
  • IP PBX software updates (the customer’s current IP PBX configuration is being backed up and the system can be operatively restored from the backup file in case of failure).  

International numbers for wider business opportunities  

For communication with foreign customers and partners, it is most efficient for companies to use international numbers. By choosing this service, the company is assigned a number corresponding to the country of cooperation, and a fee for both incoming and outgoing calls depending on the national rates of cooperation.  


Incoming and outgoing calls to any country in the world

Easy communication with business partners and customers worldwide.  

Easy-to-remember number

Clients and partners not only trust your business, but it is also memorable and recognisable.  


By using codes that are familiar and common in the cooperation country, your company creates a reliable impression. 

Lower costs

A significant reduction in costs, since outgoing calls are made using the code of the cooperation country and national call rates, therefore costs are not calculated as international calls.