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Benefits Of IT Outsourcing

The use of IT outsourcing is most effective in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector, where maintenance of the company's IT infrastructure is usually entrusted to one IT specialist. An IT outsourcing provider can both complement the company's existing IT team by focusing on specific tasks (IT security, server maintenance, user support, etc.) as well as perform full-time IT infrastructure maintenance.

Accurate, predictable, and lower costs 

One of the main reasons why companies choose IT outsourcing is lower costs. By choosing IT outsourcing, it is possible to save even more than 20% of the total costs of IT processes. Maintaining your IT department can be very expensive and inefficient, as its employees have to provide workspaces, work equipment, regular training, leave, etc. The IT industry is constantly developing and IT outsourcing providers always follow up the latest industry trends and provide their employees with various courses and training to increase their competencies, but this does not incur additional costs for you. 

Experience. Knowledge. Team

IT outsourcing specialists often perform the same work tasks for different IT outsourcing clients and, based on experience, are able to perform them quickly and efficiently. As mentioned above, it is important for IT outsourcing providers to develop and provide their customers with knowledgeable specialists, so employees will always have opportunities for development. Employees are certified and have a variety of specific knowledge, so instead of one employee, you get a team of professionals in which employees complement and support each other so that the work is done quickly and with high quality. 

Resources for the implementation of new projects

A high-quality outsourcing organization will have the resources to participate immediately in the implementation of new IT projects, which may often be impossible for the company itself due to a lack of resources and competencies, and as a result, it may be necessary to find and train new employees, which takes a lot of time. Most IT outsourcing companies will have years of experience and access to various solutions, thus you are entrusting the task to professionals, as well as saving time and money. 

Focus on the development of your company 

The goal of every company is to develop their business and make a profit. You have limited time, resources and staff to do this. One of the things you want to worry about is the least – complicated IT issues. By using IT outsourcing, you can get an IT manager for your company with extensive experience in various industries, who will think about maintaining and improving your IT infrastructure. Thanks to this, you save time, resources and reduce the amount of work tasks, which allows you to focus on your direct responsibilities. 


Companies with a strong IT department are able to quickly adapt to new solutions and technologies that provide better customer acquisition and service. By using IT outsourcing, the company's management can focus on the company's business development and profit, while IT service providers provide solutions that allow the company to adapt to rapid technological development and meet the demands of customers, as well as increase the level of competition. 

Risk mitigation 

Every business has certain risks – competition, government decisions, financial conditions, technologies, etc. Many of the risks can have a drastic effect on business. IT outsourcing providers take control of several of the risks. Implementation, modification, and update of security and the latest technologies can be really fast, thanks to the professionalism, knowledge, and experience of IT outsourcing. 

There are many different advantages to using IT outsourcing. Enreach has been providing the highest level IT services for more than 11 years. The team consists of qualified experts who are ready to support your company in all IT issues. Enreach Latvia already provides various IT services to more than 1000 companies, such as A/S “RERE Grupa”, MyFitness and many others. 

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