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Solutions that make customer service easier

Customer service and servicing does not mean exceeding customer needs, but rather delivering what is promised to the customer, as well as ensuring that problems and questions are resolved after the product is sold or the service is installed. In one of the studies conducted, written about by Forbes magazine, around 60% of respondents want to change their service provider in order to get a better customer service experience. The biggest challenges that companies face in order to provide excellent customer service are a lack of time, professionalism of employees, influence of social networks and the internet, which creates many and different communication channels.  

Learn about the solutions that will help you provide faster and more professional customer service.  


OTRS is a modern, flexible and secure task and process management system (Request Processing System). 

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Frontu is a flexible and efficient solution for managing tasks, processes and employees. 

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Use one hub to communicate with customers and improve your customer experience across all communication channels with CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) cloud solution - uContact.

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